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CN-201350522-Y: 钢管管节环缝自动切割装置 patent, CN-201350681-Y: Novel mould core-pulling mechanism of internal back-off pentroof patent, CN-201350708-Y: High-strength and light-weight honeycomb core patent, CN-201351095-Y: Double-brake mechanism for secondary hook of crane patent, CN-201351390-Y: Novel sheet-lining locking cam and key matched with the locking cam patent, CN-201351660-Y: Screw of opening and closing device patent, CN-201352493-Y: 金属铠装移开式开关柜用电流互感器 patent, CN-201353281-Y: Electromagnetic massage head and human simulation massager formed by same patent, CN-201353398-Y: Swing chair for abdominal exercise patent, CN-201354020-Y: Retractor device for automobile loading-unloading device patent, CN-201354236-Y: 车厢可卸式垃圾车的移动压缩垃圾厢 patent, CN-201354444-Y: Multifunctional combined warning device with the function of remote-controlled movement patent, CN-201354650-Y: 摆线减速气马达 patent, CN-201354656-Y: 摩托车发动机机油泵齿轮传动机构 patent, CN-201354945-Y: Mounting structure of hard light bulb in aluminum alloy electric torch patent, CN-201355745-Y: Corona charging device of electret patent, CN-201356734-Y: 带输液架的病床 patent, CN-201357078-Y: 纳米科普实验箱 patent, CN-201358192-Y: Ecological greenbelt for advanced treatment for cold-rolling emulsified liquid wastewater patent, CN-201358919-Y: 平衡式双螺杆压缩机 patent, CN-201359321-Y: Geothermal water heating recyclable and reusable system patent, CN-201360093-Y: 一种快速插拔转接头 patent, CN-201360339-Y: 微型动圈式电声转换器 patent, CN-201360429-Y: Corn peeling machine patent, CN-201360433-Y: Harvester chain patent, CN-201360981-Y: 多功能家用保健清洗器 patent, CN-201361583-Y: 一种内置式的立管式第三级旋风分离器 patent, CN-201361612-Y: Vibrator shell patent, CN-201362152-Y: Absorption refrigerating equipment driven by waste heat of large and medium-size vehicle engine patent, CN-201362176-Y: Gate-type driving axle wheel hub reduction box patent, CN-201363946-Y: 杯式太阳能加热容器 patent, CN-201365923-Y: Blood collecting device patent, CN-201366167-Y: 肺部药氧雾化吸入装置 patent, CN-201366426-Y: 用于全自动生化分析仪的改良型的清洗机构 patent, CN-201368432-Y: LED lamp panel with bus bar patent, CN-201368577-Y: Rapid water heater capable of controlling temperature patent, CN-201368581-Y: Energy-saving water bath apparatus patent, CN-201368855-Y: 高精密陶瓷管视觉检测机 patent, CN-201368868-Y: Water environment field integrated sampling analyzer patent, CN-201368958-Y: CSTN LCD (liquid crystal display) device patent, CN-201369325-Y: 金球对金球连结焊接工艺用的覆晶元件 patent, CN-201369964-Y: 通箍梁与立柱连接机构 patent, CN-201370242-Y: 转柄式造型洗鞋刷 patent, CN-201370374-Y: 多功能杯 patent, CN-201370421-Y: 转经筒传动机构 patent, CN-201371074-Y: Ultra-low temperature pulverizing machine patent, CN-201371115-Y: 涂胶机 patent, CN-201371505-Y: 用于制作复合管材树脂砂浆过渡层的装置 patent, CN-201371761-Y: Anti-slip car foot pad patent, CN-201371798-Y: 货车电瓶、备胎、贵重货物防盗报警装置 patent, CN-201372673-Y: 一种隔热门窗型材 patent, CN-201373598-Y: 太阳能纳米集热吸收管 patent, CN-201374007-Y: Digital power supply communication card patent, CN-201374138-Y: Math teaching aid patent, CN-201375186-Y: 多功能电脑文件支架 patent, CN-201375625-Y: Manual portable wheelchair lifting device patent, CN-201375753-Y: 一种开塞露注入装置 patent, CN-201376110-Y: 内冷转位阶梯钻 patent, CN-201377403-Y: Plunger type sludge pump patent, CN-201377412-Y: Single-film continuous transmission fluid piezoelectric pump patent, CN-201377865-Y: Air conditioner with air-source heat pump patent, CN-201378302-Y: 可调式鼠标 patent, CN-201379137-Y: Breathable and non-deformed midsoles of gym shoes patent, CN-201379419-Y: 一种太阳能热水壶 patent, CN-201380092-Y: Vertical shaft non-screen pulverizer patent, CN-201380098-Y: 球辊磨机 patent, CN-201381558-Y: 一种钢筋混凝土柱与钢筋混凝土连接梁的绝缘连接结构 patent, CN-201381732-Y: Domestic damper patent, CN-201381765-Y: 新型节能中空玻璃 patent, CN-201382045-Y: Pressure regulating control air valve patent, CN-201383358-Y: Filling expanding steel-cored aluminium twisted wire patent, CN-201384211-Y: 一种新型牙刷 patent, CN-201384476-Y: Mop grasping-squeezing hanging device patent, CN-201385423-Y: Plastic tube-necking machine patent, CN-201385438-Y: Expansion-contraction type duplex force transfer adjustment mechanism patent, CN-201386085-Y: Novel spray nozzle patent, CN-201386550-Y: Mixed gas injection device for heavy oil combustion patent, CN-201387390-Y: Sampler for molten steel and iron samples patent, CN-201387782-Y: 磁致驱动单元以及采用该单元的驱动执行机构 patent, CN-201387834-Y: 锁式家用电器开关 patent, CN-201387895-Y: Light-emitting diode patent, CN-201388046-Y: Automatic temperature protection device of drive motor of electric vehicle patent, CN-201388438-Y: Pulp strip rack of royal jelly collecting machine patent, CN-201389341-Y: Extensible character modeling product patent, CN-201389654-Y: 印刷电路板的钻孔用垫板结构 patent, CN-201389829-Y: 一种双钩拆卸器 patent, CN-201389847-Y: Crank case body rack of engine of compressor set patent, CN-201389931-Y: 废旧子午线轮胎破碎切块机 patent, CN-201390433-Y: 容器瓶结构改良 patent, CN-201390956-Y: Collection device patent, CN-201391442-Y: 反馈式抽油泵 patent, CN-201391676-Y: Thermal expansion valve patent, CN-201392506-Y: Keyboard with cleaning rod patent, CN-201393528-Y: 分体式电热管豆浆机 patent, CN-201393678-Y: 电动睫毛刷 patent, CN-201393874-Y: 一种方便裤架 patent, CN-201394566-Y: 通风柜 patent, CN-201394717-Y: 滚轮架用管夹 patent, CN-201394873-Y: Biax automatic woodworking profiling machine patent, CN-201395151-Y: 一种新型周转运输小车 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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