Portable fork truck increases bracket



The utility model provides a portable fork truck increases bracket, construct including bearing mechanism and weighing machine, it includes left fork knife cover and right fork knife cover to bear the mechanism, left side fork knife cover and right fork knife cover parallel placement, left side fork knife sheathes in and is provided with the left branch strut, right side fork knife sheathes in and is provided with the right branch strut, connect through the stiffener between left branch strut and the right branch strut, the stiffener is orthogonal with the support frame, weighing machine constructs the setting on the support frame, but the support frame is extending structure, be provided with 2~3 sheath grooves on the support frame, on constructing, installs weighing machine the bearing plate, be provided with display window on the support frame side. The utility model discloses can be under the prerequisite of not changing fork truck, increase the bracket with the help of this fork truck, realized the transmission of goods, in safe and reliable, accord with extensive industrial operation needs, can also can record the weight of article simultaneously through display window's reading, good practicality and market spreading value have.




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