Combined lamps


  • Inventors: WU XINRUI
  • Assignees: 巫鑫睿
  • Publication Date: September 14, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-205579490-U


The utility model provides a combined lamps, includes 2 at least illumination element and a electrical connection head, its characterized in that, illumination element includes the casing, sets up at inside driver and the light source board of casing, be provided with a plurality of LED light sources on the light source board, LED light source and driver electricity mutually are connected, still be provided with an apron on the casing, the apron is made by the printing opacity material, two adjacent illumination element pass through the electrical connection head and realize the electricity connection, and this combined lamps can be according to the illumination place independent assortment of difference to can be according to user's the different molding of wish combination.




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