Full shot electronic stabilizer



The utility model discloses a full shot electronic stabilizer, including panoramic camera assembly and panorama stabilizer assembly, be equipped with attitude sensor on the first motor, the second motor is connected through first swing arm to first motor, and the second motor passes through the second swing arm and connects the third motor, is equipped with the sliding ring on the third motor. Compared with the prior art, the utility model discloses an angular limitation's orientation locking function can be realized not having by the sliding ring, when the panoramic video who shoots the motion, how complicated route regardless of the camera lens motion is, turning circle always even, the picture orientation is fixed all the time, the viewer is watching shi buhui to feel to be dragged without reason the dizzy sensation of pulling, stabilize in can shooting the motion, it is clear, smooth video picture, the viewer impression improves, avoid through the stable image quality loss that brings of software later stage, and save the post processing time in a large number, and can not shelter from taken pictures.




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