High -efficient high pressure spraying fire engine



The utility model discloses a high -efficient high pressure spraying fire engine, including setting up fire extinguishing agent storage device, high pressure water pump and the high -pressure spray pistol on the automobile body, the pipeline of fire extinguishing agent storage device through being provided with the stop valve and high pressure water pump's entrance point intercommunication, high pressure water pump's exit end passes through high pressure hose and is connected with high -pressure spray pistol, high pressure water pump passes through power power transmission element and is connected with the engine of vehicle. The utility model discloses a vehicle chassis repacking is the fire engine automobile body, regard as with this and remove the supporting body, it provides power to be high pressure water pump by the engine, implement to put out a fire through high pressure hose and high -pressure spray pistol blowout fire extinguishing agent, it has good suitability, it is applicable in the narrow and small special ambient condition of roads such as rural gu zhen, and general urban district road ambient condition, can effectively stamp out multiple conflagration, control fire spreading, and can net make things convenient for with current fire service pipe and be connected, thereby realize the seamless of this system and fire service pipe network system.




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