Luminescence element driving circuit and electronic equipment



The utility model relates to an electronic equipment discloses a luminescence element driving circuit and electronic equipment. In the luminescence element driving circuit, the the first signal input connect in the base of triode, power input end connect in the collecting electrode of triode, the 2nd signal input part connect in the positive pole of unidirectional flux component, the negative pole of unidirectional flux component connect in the projecting pole of triode, light emitting component connect in between the projecting pole and earthing terminal of triode, wherein, work as when a drive signal is received to the the first signal input, the triode switches on, light emitting component is in first luminescent state, when when the 2nd signal input part receives the 2nd drive signal, the triode ends, light emitting component is in the second luminescent state. This drive circuit makes pilot lamp and light filling lamp drive circuit unite two into one, can effectually practice thrift the PCB area among the electronic equipment, reduces the cost that electronic equipment made simultaneously.




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